As part of our commitment to Sharing Knowledge and Saving Lives, STORM® Community Engagement Events have focussed on sharing knowledge with frontline professionals in the form of free seminars and conferences exploring suicide prevention and self-harm mitigation. 

These opportunities have been responded to with a great thirst for understanding and reflect national and international concerns about self-harm and suicide, especially in our youth.

A recent seminar in Cheshire, which dealt with self-harm in both young people and adults, had to be run twice because of the large number of applicants.  We did our best to accommodate the 200 people who applied to attend the event and were pleased to see a great spread professions, from police, school staff (secondary and primary schools), and staff from the health service, local councils and the voluntary sector engaging with these complex and challenging topics.

Goodwill and STORM®’s partnerships with local university, schools and agencies mean that we are able to engage relevant, quality and knowledgeable speakers, including psychiatrists, nurses, teachers and representation from national charities to our Community Engagement Seminars.  We’d like to thank the many involved with committing time and energy to make these events possible. 

We’d also like to thank you, the people who attended and provided feedback about these seminars.  The most reassuring for us is that your time spent with us will make a difference to the way you work with people in distress.  Following on from the seminar you told us that:

  • You feel more confident in responding to young people who self-harm
  • It made you think about how you respond to those in distress
  • You will ask a wider range of questions
  • That you will be sourcing further training to ensure staff in schools are equipped to respond to incidents and concerns.
  • There is a need for further training for police custody
  • It gave you the push to take action back in your workplace.

If you would like to know more about our community engagement program get in touch.

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