Starting the Conversation on the Isle of Man

During the summer, Our CEO, supported by Manx Biomed and the Isle of Man Community Foundation, facilitated free workshops to help start the conversation about suicide prevention on the Isle of Man.   

Interest in the first workshop was overwhelming, which led to a second workshop being organised. Participants were from across the community working in diverse occupations such as Volunteers, Health and Social Care staff, Teachers and Youth Workers as well as Tynwald Ministers, and representatives from businesses. Each had an interest in learning more about how our emotional health is important in suicide prevention.  

The workshop, “Working Towards Suicide Prevention: Taking Emotional Health into Consideration”,  has been developed to help start the conversation about suicide by understanding the connection with emotional health.  Through this connection, we see that looking after our emotional health is important if we are to manage stress and distress before suicide becomes an option.   A short film of this second event has been produced with generous support from the Isle of Man Community Foundation. Coverage of the workshops was reported by the local news.  

The “Working towards Suicide Prevention: Taking Emotional Health into Consideration” has since been successfully delivered to members of the Voluntary Sector in Sefton on behalf of Sefton CVS for World Suicide Prevention Day 2016.  We look forward to exploring other areas where this workshop could be helpful in promoting the key message of looking after our emotional health.

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